Rome Private Guides | Tour company based in Rome, that does interactive children tours all over Italy, great treasure hunts and other fun activities.

Casa Mia | Independent food tours with strong focus on child-friendly docents and custom-designed tours.

Rome Downtown | Apartments in Rome in all sizes, shapes and budgets

Airbnb | Great lodging solutions in the city

Wanted in Rome | Online magazine and classifieds for English-speaking expats living in Rome

Vote From Abroad | U.S. overseas voter registration

Expats in Rome | Resource for expats living in southern Rome {Axa, Acilia, Casalpalocco, Infernetto and Ostia}

Expat Women | Free online resource for expat women

Expats in Italy | Assistance for expats in Italy

Auditorium Parco della Musica | Concerts, playgrounds and musical events

Teatro Verde | Italian language theater and acting workshops for children

Ciao Italia | Italian language classes; group, individual and for companies

La Casina di Raffaello | “Ludoteca” playspace in Villa Borghese ~ art workshops for children ages 3-10

Technotown | Science & Nature “ludoteca” playspace in Villa Torlonia ~ for young adults ages 11-17

Planetario e Museo Astronomico | Rome Planetarium and Astronomy Museum

Cybercafè | Internet points in the city

Travelex | Free travel insurance for kids

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