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Best Water Slides and Amusement Parks in Rome

If you have time to spend in Rome, and wish to score huge points with your kids, why not spend a day at a water slide park? Rome and its vicinities offer quite a number of these aquatic amusement and leisure parks.


Aquapiper – with a multitude of slides, lagoons and swimming pools, Aquapiper is considered as one of the best theme parks in Italy. Located in Guidonia–Montecelio, a district close to Rome, this aquatic park was the first water slide attraction built in Rome. There are restaurants, cafes, gift shops and other services distributed all over the park. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am -7:00 pm, Sunday and holidays 9:00 am – 7:30 pm. Admission is free for children under 10.
Via Maremmana Inferiore, Km 29,300 – Tel. +39 0774 326538


Hydromania – In a lush area planted with all manner of tropical vegetation, this water slide park features classic H2O rides like a wave-pool, jacuzzi, hydrospinning and fitness swimming pools, and a wide choice of extreme plunge slides, like the 33 meter drop “K2”. There are separate rides for kids, among which the fun lagoon with 3 pools fitted with games, slides, waterfalls and other amenities. Four food courts serve panini, gelato, pizza, hot dogs, burgers, beverages, fruit and desserts. Good deals if you book lodging in the park’s partner hotels. Open daily from June to September, 9:30 am – 6:30 pm
Vicolo Casale Lumbroso, 200 | Tel. +39 06 661 83183

Aquafelix – Located near Civitavecchia – which makes it a perfect destination during a cruise layover – Aquafelix has slides, swimming pools, attractions, shows, jacuzzis and waterfalls, including a fun stream for tube rafting. Services include pizzerias, restaurants, cafes and shops. Open from June to September 10:00 am to 6:30 pm.
Via Terme di Traiano, Località Casale Altavilla, 00053 Civitavecchia Nord | Tel. +39 0766 32221


Zoomarine – This large amusement park located in Torvaianica, 25 km south of Rome and near the beach, has water slides, roller coasters, playgrounds, restaurants, snack bars and shops, but its main focus is on dolphin and other marine life attractions, falconry performances and educational science presentations. Open April to October from 10:00 am to 5:30. On weekends and in summer the park closed at dusk. Round trip shuttle service from Termini station costs €10.
Via Zara, Torvaianica (Pomezia) | Tel. +39 06 91534

Rainbow MagicLand – Large and relatively new amusement park in Valmontone, just outside of Rome, offers a number of rides, including “wet and wild” ones like the naval battle and the spillwater “Yucatan” roller coaster. Open mid April to September and with limited admission on weekends through January, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and extended hours (until 11:00 pm) in summer. Round trip shuttle service from Termini station costs €10, kids ride for free but are not guaranteed seating.
Via della Pace, Valmontone | Tel. +39 06 953 18700



Top 5 Rome Attractions for Kids

Here is a list of my son’s favorite things to do in Rome. He compiled this list, I’m merely doing the typing.

1. At the top of the list of things for kids to do in Rome is Explora, the Rome Children’s Museum (located at Via Flaminia 82). As the name indicates, this is a hands-on exploratory experience for kids, and is divided into four sections–Me, Society, Environment, and Communication–to help children discover their world. Kids can stage a mock TV broadcast, shop in a miniature supermarket or wander around a transparent environment-friendly house. The typical ‘do not touch’ signs are nowhere in sight! The museum is closed on Mondays. Visits last 1 hour and 45 minutes and have to be booked in advance by calling +39 06 3613776. Entrance fee for children aged 0-3 is free, children aged 4-92 pay a €8 ticket. On Thursday afternoon children and adults pay €6 each.
Nearest underground station: Flaminio (Metro A). Buses n. 490, 495, 628, 92, 88, 6. Plenty of parking in rear.

2. For the cat lovers in your family, the famous Largo Argentina Cat Sanctuary is well worth a visit. Here, you’ll find friendly volunteers who run this no-kill shelter for abandoned cats on donations alone, in the marvelous setting of the Largo di Torre Argentina ruins. Tell your children the story of how Roman emperors strolled here, and take them downstairs to visit the cat shop and see some of the shelter’s residents. Volunteers give English-language guided tours for free.

3. A trip back in ancient Roman times might be just the ticket for the 8-12 age group, and 3D Rewind Rome provides exactly this:  a virtual 3D movie tour through the tunnel of Emperor Commodus to the Colosseum’s floor, where you are front and center to a roaring crowd. The movie then transports you around a detailed model of ancient Rome, with kitsch characters and recognizable major sites of the ancient city.  Rich in detail and history.  Good “Colosseo companion” as its visualizes the amphitheater’s magnificence. Via Capo d’Africa 5 |  Tel. +39 06 677076627 |  Open Monday to Sunday 9.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m. | Nearest Metro stop: Colosseo | Buses: 87, 85, 850, 81, 117, 630, 75, 175, 60, 271, 571, 810, 186.

4. If you have time for an out-of-town excursion, the Monster Park at Bomarzo is about an hour’s drive north of Rome and is always a favorite with kids. This Renaissance garden has larger-than-life stone sculptures of various animals and ‘monsters’ that your children can climb on and, in the case of ‘the leaning house,’ inside!

5. Can’t go home without a stop at the toy store? Don’t miss Città del Sole (Via della Scrofa 65), an Italian chain that features a range of educational toys disguised as just plain fun. Also, between Piazza di Pietra and the Pantheon, you’ll probably notice throngs of people carrying shopping bags with a wooden Pinocchio on them—that’s because they’ve discovered Bartolucci (Via dei Pastini 98). Overflowing with exquisite hand-crafted pine wood toys and clocks with pendulums swinging every which way, the pure sensory overload of this shop makes it hard to keep your wallet in check—you’ll probably end up walking out with a bag of goodies just like everyone else. On Saturdays the workshop is open ’til midnight.