My name is Eleonora and I’m a working single mom. I am American born and Italian raised, and I live in Rome with my son, E.

Getting around a city like Rome is not easy. Doing it with kids is even harder. Italy is extremely child-friendly in some ways, but sometimes woefully not in others. Kids in Italy are welcome just about everywhere–restaurants, parties, bars and even night clubs! However, this ostensible love for children doesn’t often translate into practical services or infrastructure (high chairs, changing stations or sidewalks with ramps that allow strollers up and down with ease) that make it easier for us parents to take our child out and about in the city.

With this website, I will share my insider knowledge, the tricks and tips necessary to bridge the facility gaps. I want to put fun back in gallivanting with kids in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. So I am dedicating this online endeavor to those brave parents who are looking forward to visiting, living and/or vacationing in the Eternal City with their little ones.


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