Children’s Clothes Shopping

Mamas on a budget flock to Oviesse (a subsidiary of Coin) Zara or H&M for their children’s everyday wear and bulk clothes shopping. For the occasional spree, exquisite and wildly expensive designer item, or for just plain window shopping and fairytale fantasies, here are some of Rome’s favorite children’s clothing boutiques, listed in alphabetical order.
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Age d’Or | Beautiful and always stylish high street clothes, but quite expensive. On the adjoining Viale Parioli a few blocks south, the boutique owns a separate store that sells only children’s shoes.
Via Nino Oxilia 6/b {Parioli}
Tel. +39 06 8079609

Baby Moda dal 1940 Nannarelli | Shoes for kids, many brands for both formal and sporty footwear.
Via Appia Nuova 249 {Appio}
Tel. +39 06 7016621

Bonpoint | Rome branch of the precious French couture house for children.
Piazza S. Lorenzo in Lucina, 25 {Via del Corso}
Tel. +39 06 6871548

Bulli & Pupe | Elegant and modern items for kids 0-14
Via G. Carini, 32 {Gianicolo}
Tel. +39 06 5803095

La Cicogna | Stylish chain of stores that sell children’s and maternity clothes, cribs, strollers, etc.
· Via Frattina 138 {Spanish Steps}
Tel. +39 06 6786959
· Via Della Croce, 48 {Via del Corso}
Tel. +39 06/6793932
· Cola di Rienzo, 268 {Prati}
Tel. +39 06 6896557
· Via Gregorio VII {Vatican}
Tel. +39 06 6381120
· Viale Libia, 50 {NE Rome}
Tel. +39 06 86398157
· Piazzale delle Medaglie d’Oro, 61 {Cipro-Vatican}
Tel. +39 06 35347659
· Piazza Gondar, 19 corner of Via delle Valli, 1/3 {NE Rome}
Tel. +39 06 8601668

Clayeux | French designer clothing line, 2 Rome citywide locations and online.
· Via Cassia 927/L {Tomba di Nerone}
Tel. +39 06 88543288
· Mall at Porta di Roma on Via Alberto Lionello, 21 {Bufalotta}
Tel. +39 0687070976

ioBimbo | Great value finds in cribs, strollers and related items; a little more extravagant in the clothing department.
Via Tiburtina 522 {across the street from film Studios}
Tel. +39 06 43580096
Via Ostiense 119 {Piramide}
Tel. +39 06 5583949

Linoceronte | Lovely children’s fashion boutique near the Foro Italico.
Via Pinturicchio 188/190 {Ponte Milvio}
Tel. +39 06 32600384

The Milk Bar | Nursing supplies, maternity and breastfeeding wear, new parent education, and infant gear. Store is now online too.
Via di San Martino ai Monti, 34 {Monti/San Giovanni}
Tel. +39 06 97276418

Mini Me | Sportswear, classic, cashmere and exclusive brands like Dior, Aspesi, Vintage 55, etc.
· Vicolo della Torretta, 17 {Campo Marzio}
Tel. +39 06 6893224
· Via dei Pompieri, 26 {Campo de’ Fiori}
Tel. +39 06 96038684

Natinudi | Colorful little shop with quirky brands and curious finds from around the world.
Piazza San Cosimato, 65 {Trastevere}
Tel. +39 06 58340014

Petit Bateau | French classic line of children’s clothes, the best in cotton undergarments; at much lower prices than overseas.
· Via di Campo Marzio, 10/b
Tel. +39 06 6792348
· Via Cola di Rienzo, 311 {Prati}
Tel. +39 06 39722928‎

Prénatal | Chain of children’s department stores specialized in casual maternity and baby fashion, as well as cribs, strollers, car seats, etc.
· Via della Croce 48 {Spanish Steps}
Tel. +39 06 6793932
· Via Nazionale, 45 {Repubblica}
Tel. +39 06 4881403

Pure | Beautifully decorated boutique selling high street fashion brands for kids.
Via Frattina, 111 {Spanish Steps}
Tel. +39 06 6794555

Pure Gold | For girls only, ages 5 to 12, the store’s kitsch design suits the showcased over-the-top items to perfection.
Via del Babuino 150/d {Piazza dle Popolo}
Tel. +39 06 3235464

Rachele | The 0-9 handmade wear is crafted in the store’s backroom workshop, tucked away in a hidden alley
Vicolo del Bollo, 6/7 {Campo de’ Fiori}
Tel. +39 06 6864975


10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kate L on May 9, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    Is La Cicogna still open? I am visiting Rome later this month and bought some gifts at the Via Frattina location in the past, but it seems to be closed now.


  2. Posted by mamabear on June 27, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    can anyone suggest stores for kids 9-14? i hear that this size range is tricky in Italy, for some reason. Not necessarily high end – we lean towards independent clothiers and the funky but perhaps there is an Italian chain that fits the bill?


  3. when choosing my childrens clothing, i always those clothing with bright colors and loose fit-;~


  4. Wow! A nice list of places to go shopping.



  5. My granddaughter would look fabulous in one of those cute hats!


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