Best Children’s Bookstores in Rome

Several bookstores in Rome sell children’s books both in Italian and English, and most of these have special sections just for kids. Here are some of the best stocked:

The little reader in Esquilino

The little reader
Newly opened children’s bookstore in Esquilino stocks books in English and Italian (0 to young adult) and has a cafeteria with freshly made American-style baked treats, like brownies, cheesecake, carrot cake, muffins, and Fair-trade organic beverages. The bookshop regularly hosts events in both English and Italian such as storytime and workshops for children. Great space for parents and children (there is also a garden) and makes a nice change of pace from sightseeing. Open Mon–Sat 10 6.30 p.m.
Via Conte Verde 66b | Tel. +39 06 877 84678

Very well stocked children’s section.
Via della Conciliazione 12 | Tel. +39 06 688 03162

Il Brucalibro
Children’s bookstore with a wide selection of English titles. The store also organizes music, art and creative writing classes for all ages.
Via Nemorense 39/B | Tel. +39 06 854 3931

Dehoniana Books
Known more for its religious publications, this bookstore also boasts a vast selection of secular children’s titles in many languages.
Via della Conciliazione, 37-39 | Tel. +39 06 687 2882 | Fax. +39 06 686 5591

Via V. E. Orlando, 84/86 | Tel. +39 06 482 7878 | 06 487 0999 (International)
Largo Torre Argentina 5 | Tel. +39 06 6880 3248
Galleria Colonna | Tel. +39 06 6975 5001

Mel Bookstore
This very well stocked bookstore also sells used books at 50% off, and will buy your used books, CDs and DVDs in cash. Coffee shop and TicketOne sale point on the premises.
Via Nazionale 254 | Tel. +39 06 488 5405

Mel/Giannino Stoppani
Piazza SS Apostoli, 59/65 | Tel. +39 06 6994 1045
This is the Rome location of a famous Bologna children’s bookstore, here kids always find something special. The store sells Hoffman toys and there is even a small collection of books in English.

Via San Vincenzo, 10 (Trevi Fountain)

Notebook all’Auditorium
The children’s section of the musical complex’s bookstore is a popular hang-out; kids and parents love to lounge in the padded seating area and quietly browse the many books, games, DVDs and CDs available.
Viale Pietro De Coubertin | Tel. +39 06 8069 3461 | Fax +39 06 8069 0338

Ottimomassimo | Travel bookshop
This is a mobile bookstore, check their website for details on current locations
Tel. +39 06 454 32595

The children’s books sold here cover many topics, from art and poetry to cuisine and theater. Also board games, puzzles, comic books, tour guides, coloring books, manuals and pop-ups.
Via Mondovì 19/21/23 | Tel. +39 06 4542 6682

The Lion Bookshop & Café (English only)
Italy’s oldest English bookstore was founded in 1947. The children’s section is well stocked.
Via dei Greci 33/36 | Tel. +39 06 3265 4007 | 06 3265 0437 | Fax. +39 06 3265 1382

Biblioteca Centrale per Ragazzi | Children’s Library
Here kids have access to all the instruments necessary to familiarize with the city. Books can be taken out, or read on the premises. The Children’s Library is divided in separate age sections; there is an online library and several reading rooms, newspaper sections, CDs with earphones, DVD viewing and a board game room. The Library also hosts workshops and exhibits. Kids can further research in the Library’s Internet point.
Via San Paolo alla Regola, 15-18 | Tel. +39 06 6880 1040 | Fax. +39 06 6880 1040


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  1. I am an Italian American first time author of a children’s books
    . The title is Bumbino, “The Italian Bumble bee.” How do I get my book to be reviewed in book stores in Italy


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