Rome City Guide for Kids: a local mommy’s tips

Vacation with kids in a foreign country spells ‘horror’ to you?

Can’t see the fun in traveling with tots in the Eternal City?

Scared of touring major sites with infants?

Expat families living in Rome looking for help?

Look no further. The new insider’s Rome City Guide for Kids is here!
Welcome! Here you will find all the information, tips and ideas to get you around Rome stress-free with children ages 0 to 12.

Image © Roma Every Day

This site provides all the necessary tools for a fun, educating and enjoyable stay in Rome for the entire family. Categories include: indexed lists of city museums, restaurants and playgrounds; babysitter services, medical support, recommended English-speaking pediatricians, emergency hospitals and pharmacies open at night; music, cinema and theater for children; bookstores, zoos and sports facilities; bike rentals, libraries, party venues and more!! Plus, featured articles, destination pieces, original ideas, tips, tricks and trivia to get you and your children around town like a true Roman.

All you and your children need in the Eternal City is now just a mouse-click away.



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